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I charge a fee for counselling that is recommended by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta$200/hour.  


If you are not covered, I have a sliding-scale and I'm not afraid to use it!  Just ask.  Through my experience with the inner-city and having known those who desperately wanted counselling but couldn't afford it, I do set aside a number of blocks for those with low-income or little-to-no expendable money (e.g., students or young entrepreneurs).​  Lastly, through my personal experience with "The Struggle" (as they say in Ireland), I ALSO spare the indignity of requesting ANY personal financial information when adjusting fees.  If you have to ask, that's good enough for me.  I just say "Yep"...and see what's doable. 

Many employers provide some form of coverage.  Fees may also be covered in whole or in part by extended health care benefits or Employee Assistance Plans. Government and social programs such as Child Welfare may also cover psychological services.  


As a Ph.D.-Level Registered Psychologist, I generally meet the criteria for reimbursement by coverage providers (e.g., Manulife or Blue Cross).


I am an approved provider for: 

  • First Nations via the Indigenous Services Canada as well as the Indian Residential Schools branches of the federal government (Health Canada).

  • Physicians via the Criterion Group's Physician & Family Support Program.

  • Arete Human Resources.

  • Veterans Affairs Canada, RCMP, and Canadian Forces via Blue Cross Federally Administered Programs.

​If you belong to the above groups, counselling may be covered.

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